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Thomson "Sculpture" ANT1639 Designer UHD Aerial for DVB-T/T2, Performance 55, gry/blk

TV/Radio Antenna
60,00 EUR SRP


  • Active high-quality DVB-T/T2 aerial with amplifier for worry-free digital TV reception
  • Reception guarantee of HD-Ready, HDTV up to 4K/UHD reference signals
  • Special power-saving reception concept for use via USB (e.g. TV/STB or streaming boxes)
  • Alternative power supply via coaxial 5V remote supply (e.g. TV or set-top boxes), additional power supplies are unnecessary. Due to the direct connection, the aerial switches off as soon as the end device is switched off
  • Very flat, compact design combined with textile materials and an unusual mixture of materials made of melange fabrics
  • Extra-long USB cable (up to 2.5 metres) for a very wide action radius
  • Maximum flexibility for optimum signal processing thanks to variable positioning options for wall or floor mounting with integrated cable guide
  • The optimised calculated receiving area is designed for the best image stability with low noise processing of the received signals
  • Exact adjustment and adaptation of the signal through adjustable amplifier technology with operating mode display
  • The latest filter technologies for 3G/LTE/4G and GSM for the best reception performance and most economical use
  • Maximum freedom is achieved thanks to "Thomson Direct-Orient Technology" and achieves ranges of up to 50 km to the broadcasting location
  • Frequency range: B IV (470 - 790 MHz) for DVB-T or DVB-T2 reception
  • Flexible possibilities also allow mobile use, e.g. terrace, camping, caravanning
  • Reception of transmitters that are polarised horizontally and vertically possible without rotation

Use Case

The "Skulptur" ultra-HD antenna delivers superlative design and reception. The stylish antenna impresses with its outstanding reception technology for 4K transmissions and OLED TV.

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