00131991 | GTIN: 4047443418302

Thomson WHP6309BT wireless "Senior 4in1" headphones



- Wireless and undisturbed transmission of TV and HiFi audio signals in digital transmission quality with the easier handling
- Wireless headphones with the latest digital technology; undisturbed connection with TV or HiFi system as well as call accept via smartphone via Bluetooth at just the push of a button
- All standard types of connection are available: optical connection via Toslink/ODT, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm jack and RCA connection
- Maximum wearing comfort thanks to lightweight and flexible chin strap with different silicone ear pads for an individual fit
- Energy-saving: Headphones switch off after 5 minutes in the charging station if no audio signal is transmitted
- Charging the integrated battery via practical docking charging station with fast charging function
- Balance individually adjustable for each ear
- Separate volume control
- Excellent transmission reliability due to noise-free carrier frequency 2.4 Ghz on a Bluetooth basis
- Easy to use thanks to plug/pair & play
- High level of wearing comfort thanks to the low weight of the chin strap receiver of just 70 g
- Integrated lithium polymer battery with low self-discharge for up to 8 hours of continuous operation
- Natural sound in top stereo sound quality
- Detection of ambient noise and conversations thanks to switchable microphone

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