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Thomson WHP6309BT wireless "Senior 4in1" headphones

Headset Wireless
149,00 EUR SRP


  • Wireless and undisturbed transmission of TV and HiFi audio signals in digital transmission quality with the easier handling
  • Wireless headphones with the latest digital technology; undisturbed connection with TV or HiFi system as well as call accept via smartphone via Bluetooth at just the push of a button
  • Connection of the docking station to the TV via Toslink/ODT, 3.5 mm jack or RCA for transferring the sound via Bluetooth from the docking station to the headphones
  • Maximum wearing comfort thanks to lightweight and flexible chin strap with different silicone ear pads for an individual fit
  • Energy-saving: Headphones switch off after 5 minutes in the charging station if no audio signal is transmitted
  • Charging the integrated battery via practical docking charging station with fast charging function
  • Balance individually adjustable for each ear
  • Separate volume control
  • Excellent transmission reliability due to noise-free carrier frequency 2.4 Ghz on a Bluetooth basis
  • Easy to use thanks to plug/pair & play
  • High level of wearing comfort thanks to the low weight of the chin strap receiver of just 70 g
  • Integrated lithium polymer battery with low self-discharge for up to 8 hours of continuous operation
  • Natural sound in top stereo sound quality
  • Detection of ambient noise and conversations thanks to switchable microphone

Use Case

Slip on and enjoy: with the "Senior 4in1" digital chin-strap headphones, listen to your favourite music and watch TV shows as though you were there. The latest wireless Bluetooth technology makes it possible. The headphones are easy to use, fit comfortably and are super-lightweight.

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