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Thomson WHP5305BK TV "Senior" headphones, in-ear, chin strap, balance controller

Wireless Headphones


- Wireless music transmission from TV and HiFi systems in digital transmission quality, ideal as TV headphones for people with hearing impairments
- Easy start-up and operation thanks to auto-connection and clear operating elements
- Acoustic optimization for adaptation to the reduced hearing frequency in old age
- Wireless music transmission over a range of up to 20 m
- Speed-charging function: Simultaneous charging of the battery through integrated charging function
- External microphone, so that you can hear other noises in the room (e.g. doorbells, telephone ringing) while watching TV
- Balance control for volume adjustment on the right/left side of headphones
- Excellent transmission reliability due to noise-free carrier frequency 2.4 Ghz
- High level of wearing comfort due to low weight and chin strap receiver
- Automatic switch-off of wireless transmission when no audio signal is present (AUTO OFF)
- Integrated lithium polymer battery with low self-discharge for up to 9 hours of continuous operation
- Volume control with status LED (On/Off switch)
- Natural sound in CD quality up to 120 dB loud on demand

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