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Thomson WHP 3203 PLL wireless headphones

Wireless Headphones


- Wireless headphones for an undisturbed audio experience without movement restrictions
- High quality sound thanks to noise suppression system (PLL system)
- Volume control on the headphones
- 2 transmission channels for avoiding interference
- High level of wearing comfort thanks to the ergonomically shaped, very soft earpad
- Self-regulating band guarantees a comfortable fit
- Integrated charging function / battery charging control
- 863 MHz transmission frequency
- Wireless technology offers excellent hearing range of 100 m with clear line of sight

Note for Consumers:
These wireless headphones use analogue audio transmission. All analogue headphones have a slight background noise due to their technology. This background noise can be avoided by setting the volume on the connected source (HiFi system, TV, etc.) to high. The fine adjustment of the volume can then be carried out on the headphones.
Reception can also be improved using the Auto Scan button. On the back of the charging station, change the channel and then press the Auto Scan button again.


I have exchanged the rechargeable batteries supplied with the wireless headphones for new rechargeable batteries but these are not charged. What is the reason for this?

To prevent a user of the wireless headphones from inadvertently inserting non rechargeable standard batteries and from trying to charge them, the battery compartments feature 3 contacts; the supplied rechargeable batteries are slightly modified. If you want to use new / other rechargeable batteries in the wireless headphones you have to modify them as well. Cut off the heatshrinking sleeve which covers the rechargeable battery on the side of the negative terminal at a length of about one centimetre and remove it. The metal sleeve of the rechargeable battery can now be seen at this place. Insert the rechargeable batteries which have been modified in this way in the headphones, they can be charged now.

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