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Thomson WHP3311W UHF Wireless Headphones, over ear, PLL system, 100 m, white

Wireless Headphones


- Headphones with optimum reception for wireless music enjoyment
- Modern, futuristic design
- Integrated charging function
- Charging station also usable as a holder so that the headphones maintain their stability when not in use
- Volume control and power button with LED indicator, easy to operate on the headphones
- Three transmission channels for avoiding interference, other radio sets in the living area can therefore not interfere when you listen to music
- Great frequency stability due to the PLL system for optimal transmission
- Automatic station search
- Range: up to 100 m in open space, approx. 20 - 30 m in buildings for much freedom of movement
- Elastic and padded headband comfortably adapts to the shape of your head
- Padded and flexible ear cushions for ultra portability

Use Case

These headphones provide you with full wearing comfort and are distinguished by state-of-the-art technology and design. Being equipped with PLL technology they guarantee you great frequency stability and a high-quality audio experience that will leave you anything but disappointed.


I have exchanged the rechargeable batteries supplied with the wireless headphones for new rechargeable batteries but these are not charged. What is the reason for this?

To prevent a user of the wireless headphones from inadvertently inserting non rechargeable standard batteries and from trying to charge them, the battery compartments feature 3 contacts; the supplied rechargeable batteries are slightly modified. If you want to use new / other rechargeable batteries in the wireless headphones you have to modify them as well. Cut off the heatshrinking sleeve which covers the rechargeable battery on the side of the negative terminal at a length of about one centimetre and remove it. The metal sleeve of the rechargeable battery can now be seen at this place. Insert the rechargeable batteries which have been modified in this way in the headphones, they can be charged now.

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