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Thomson EARA120 Foam Ear Pads, ø 45 mm, 6 pieces, black

Replacement Ear Pad
5,99 EUR SRP


  • For replacing worn-out or lost ear pads
  • For hygienic use of headphones
  • Outside diameter: 45 mm/inside diameter: 42 mm
  • Soft foam
  • Can also be used for headphones of other brands


Nobody Cares for Wear and Tear
Over time and with extensive use the cushions on headphones can gradually wear down as they rub and create friction against your ears, eventually leading to the emergence of holes or even the entire cushion falling apart. Now you find yourself with your poor ears exposed to the hard, unkindly plastic or metal based casing of the headphones which can make them sore or ache after prolonged use and listen to your music is hence forth neither relaxing nor comfortable.

Thomson HED15N Replacement Foam Pads. Friendly to Ears
Spare you ears with these replacement foam pads from Thomson, especially suitable for replacing the ear cushions on headphones fitting 45mm pads. A quick, easy and low cost solution to replacing your ear pads without shelling out for a whole new pair of headphones! The soft quality of the foam pads and classic black or Grey colour to match your stereophones will grant you comfort and style as you continue to listen to your favourite music with your favourite pair of headphones long into the future.

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